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Improvements in the coffee machines which brew coffee beverages from pods of ground coffee consisting of an assembly comprising a baffle (3) carrying member (1) and a filter (4) so shaped that they tightly clamp the periphery (5) of a pod (P), that they define an upper chamber (C) and a lower chamber (C min ) wherein the pod (P) may expand; a pod (P) having specified coffee contents, thickness, diameter, manufacturing pressure; a fitter (4) of a specified set of filters. Said improvements provide in a time period from 20 to 40 seconds beverage volumes varying according to the selected filter and containing a fraction of aromatic substances ranging from 22% to 26% of the total extractable fraction (the sole figure is referred to).

Coffee machine which brews coffee beverages from pods of ground coffee.
Application Number
EP19790101760 19790605
Publication Number
0006175 (A1)
Application Date
June 5, 1979
Publication Date
January 9, 1980
Illy Ernesto
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