[EN] The invention belongs to the technical field of agricultural biomass forming and particularly relates to an extrusion forming device for agricultural biomass fuel. The extrusion forming device comprises a rack (1) and is characterized in that a shell (2) is further arranged on the rack (1), the shell (2) is provided with an inclined channel (3), an auger feeding device (4) and a compression hydraulic cylinder (5) are arranged in the channel (3), a compression channel (6) is formed below the compression hydraulic cylinder (5), and an extrusion hydraulic cylinder (7) is arranged below the compression channel (6); a motor (9) is arranged on one side of the shell (2), and a control cabinet (8) is further arranged on the rack (1). A gearbox (11) is further installed on one side of the motor (9), and the compression hydraulic cylinder (5) and the extrusion hydraulic cylinder (7) are respectively connected with the gearbox (11). The extrusion forming device is simple in structure, low in cost and high in pressure, the compactness rate of the biomass fuel is high, and the moisture content is low, and formed pressed blocks can be directly packaged, stored and transported.

[ZH] 本发明属于农用生物质成型技术领域,具体涉及一种农用生物质燃料挤压成型装置,包括机架(1),其特征在于:在机架(1)上还具有壳体(2),壳体(2)具有倾斜的通道(3),在通道(3)内设置有搅龙送料装置(4),以及压缩液压缸(5),位于压缩液压缸(5)的下方具有压缩通道(6),在压缩通道(6)下方设置有挤压液压缸(7);在壳体(2)一侧设置有电动机(9),控制柜(8)还设置在机架(1)上。所述的电动机(9)一侧还安装有变速箱(11),变速箱(11)分别于压缩液压缸(5)和挤压液压缸(7)相连接。本发明结构简单、成本低廉,压力大,生物质燃料的压实率高,含水率低,成型后的压块能够直接进行包装储运。

[ZH] 一种农用生物质燃料挤压成型装置
[EN] Extrusion forming device for agricultural biomass fuel
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February 20, 2013
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August 20, 2014
B30B 11/22
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