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A display for viewing images in a preferred direction (26). Parallel, macroscopically planar, structured surface, non-light absorptive light deflecting and reflecting portions are longitudinally symmetrical in mutually perpendicular directions (24, 20) which are perpendicular to direction (26). A liquid (28) containing members (34) contacts the reflecting portion. A controller (56) applies an electromagnetic force to selectively move the members into an evanescent wave region adjacent the reflecting portion, frustrating TIR at selected points on the reflecting portion. The deflecting portion's structured surfaces deflect (42) light rays incident (40) in direction (26) toward the reflecting portion by imparting to the rays a directional component in the reflecting portion's direction of longitudinal symmetry. The reflecting portion's structured surfaces totally internally reflect (44, 48) the deflected rays toward the deflecting portion wherever TIR is not frustrated. The deflecting portion's structured surfaces deflect (50) the TIR'd rays, cancelling the directional component, such that the deflected TIR'd rays emerge (51) substantially parallel to direction (26).

Affichage dimage par reflexion interne totale a indice accru de refraction effective
Enhanced effective refractive index total internal reflection image display
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May 23, 2001
Publication Date
December 6, 2001
Whitehead Lorne A
Whitehead Lorne A
The University Of British Columbia
The University Of British Columbia
G09F 09/37
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G02F 01/167
G02B 05/04
G02B 26/02
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