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An integrated process is disclosed for treating, at the surface, production fluids recovered from the application of in situ hydrovisbreaking to heavy crude oils and natural bitumens deposited in subsurface formations. The production fluids are comprised of virgin heavy hydrocarbons, heavy hydrocarbons converted via the hydrovisbreaking process to lighter liquid hydrocarbons, residual reducing gases, hydrocarbon gases, and other components. In the process of this invention, the hydrocarbons in the production fluids are separated into a synthetic-crude-oil product (a nominal butane to 975 �F fraction with reduced sulfur, nitrogen, metals, and carbon residue) and a residuum stream (a nominal 975 �F + fraction). Partial oxidation of the residuum is carried out to produce clean reducing gas and fuel gas for steam generation, with the reducing gas and steam used in the in situ hydrovisbreaking process.

Production dhydrocarbures lourds au moyen dune technique in situ de cassure de leur viscosite
Production of heavy hydrocarbons by in-situ hydrovisbreaking
Publication Number
Application Date
June 23, 1999
Publication Date
December 29, 1999
Rimmer Daniel P
Gregoli Armand A
World Energy Systems Incorporated
World Energy Systems Incorporated
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E21B 43/243
E21B 36/02
E21B 43/24
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