The invention relates to a membrane-electrode unit (1) with an integrated wear ring for fuel cells provided with a polymer electrolyte membrane (2), the anode (3) being mounted on one face thereof and the cathode on the other face (4). The unit (1) is made of a multilayer material containing both anode and cathode material, between which is inserted the material of the polymer electrolyte membrane, from which fragments of appropriate size are separated, while in said fragments, the both sides of the membrane are entirely covered by the electrodes. On the periphery of the fragment is mounted a wear ring (5) in such a way that the latter (5) passes through a peripheral area (6', 7') of at least one electrode (3, 4) and adheres to that membrane portion which is adjacent to the peripheral area, and/or to the front faces of at least one electrode and the membrane.

Ensemble membrane-electrode muni dun bord detancheite integre et methode de fabrication connexe
Membrane-electrode unit with integrated sealing edge and method of making the same
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January 5, 2010
Schwesinger Thomas
Koschany Arthur
Blake Cassels & Graydon
Magnet Motor Gesellschaft Fur Magnetmotorische Technik Mbh
Magnet Motor Gesellschaft Fur Magnetmotorische Technik Mbh
H01M 08/24
H01M 08/02
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