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A method is presented for indicating the dispensing of a predetermined amount of a material in a dispenser (10) having a dispensing portion (30) which dispenses the material during periods of operation at a frequency or intensity which can be varied. The inventive method includes determining the amount of time the dispensing portion is operational; calculating a dispensing score representative of the time of operation of the dispensing portion multiplied by a factor representative of the frequency or intensity of dispensing; and producing a signal indicating the dispensing of the predetermined amount of the material to be dispensed when the dispensing score is at least equal to a predetermined total score required for dispensing a predetermined amount of material. A dispenser incorporating such a method is also described.

Dispositif et procede dindication de la dispersion dune substance
Device/method for indicating the dispersing of a material
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Application Date
February 8, 1996
Publication Date
October 3, 1996
Dial Dwain
Chang Joseph
Waterbury Companies
Waterbury Companies
G01F 15/06
B65D 83/16
B05B 11/00
G01F 13/00
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