Dataform readers using two-dimensional sensor array cameras provide image frames comprising successive first (Fig. 2B) and second (Fig. 2C) fields of image data. In hand-held operation, hand jitter results in image offset (4b) causing registration errors between fields. Resolution and decoding performance are enhanced by described readers and methods. Decoding is implemented first by use of image data of a first field (52) and the results of such decoding are supplemented by results of decoding of remaining portions of the dataform by use of second field image data (58). Decoding may also be carried out by first determining the magnitude of a disparity vector (70) extending in the direction of image offset (46). The disparity vector is then used to provide enhanced decoding by use of first field image data and registration-corrected second field image data (72).

Lecteurs de formes de donnees, a elimination du tremblement, et procedes correspondants
Anti-hand-jittering dataform readers and methods
Publication Number
Application Date
September 12, 1996
Publication Date
March 20, 1997
Ye Angi
Wang Ynjiun P
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Meta Holding Corporation
G06K 07/14
G06K 07/10
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