An automated method for alerting a customer that a transaction is being initiate d and for authorizing the transaction based on a confirmation/approval by the customer thereto. In accordance with one illustrative embodiment, a request to authorize the transact ion is received, wherein the request includes a customer identifier; a determination is made whether to authorize the transaction based on the customer identifier; if the determinat ion is to authorize the transaction, that fact is communicated to the customer; a confirma tion that the transaction should, in fact, be authorized is received back from the customer; a nd the transaction is authorized in response to the customer's confirmation thereof. In accordance with another illustrative embodiment, a transaction initiated by an agent of the customer (i.e., the principal) is authorized by the principal when one or more threshold paramet ers that may be pre-defined by the principal are exceeded. A preferred method of alerting the customer and receiving a confirmation to authorize the transaction back from the customer is illustratively afforded by conventional two-way pagers.

Systeme dautorisation de transactions et dalarme
Transaction authorization and alert system
Publication Number
Application Date
May 9, 1996
Sugla Binay
Mirville Jean Robert
Greenspan Steven Lloyd
Blonder Greg E
G07F 07/08
G06Q 20/00
G07F 07/12
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