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A system and method for storing and forwarding audio/video signals on demand is shown in-cluding an encoder (105) for re-ceiving, digitizing, and compress-ing audio/video signals into a data stream, and a first processing sys-tem for further compressing and storing the data stream received from the encoder, and for later transmitting the data stream via a transmitting system to a location re-mote from the first processing sys-tem. The first processing system preferably also includes a micro-processor. The second processing system includes a microprocessor for receiving, processing, and stor-ing the data stream from the re-mote first processing system, and later transmitting a copy of the data stream, upon receipt of a request for replay of the audio/video signal after retrieving and decompressing the copy of the data stream. Such system and method also includes a decoder for further decompressing and transforming the data stream into an analog signal for transmis-sion to at least one television set for replay.

Systeme et methode de stockage et de transmission a la demande dinformations audio et/ou video
System and method for storing and forwarding audio and/or visual information on demand
Publication Number
Application Date
July 19, 1994
Publication Date
February 9, 1995
Rogers John Edward
Radowick Ernest W
Buhro William Robert
Raseborg Communications
H04L 12/54
H04N 07/173
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