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An apparatus and process for combining an organic fibrous material with a thermoplastic material forming a wood-imitating composite. The mixed material is extruded into a die system (14) comprising a transition die (25), a stranding die (40), and a molding die (78). The flow rate of the material through the die system is equalized by preforming the mixed material with a transition die to a shape approaching the end product, stranding the material with the stranding die to form individual strands, and compressing the individual strands with the molding die after it exits the stranding die. The die system may also include an adapter die (16) positioned between the extruder (12) and the transition die which functions to control the amount of mixed material which enters the die system. A product comprised of recyclables shredded and mixed to form a wood-imitating composite from a low-temperature extruder is also provided.

Composite ligneux synthethique extrudable et son procede de fabrication
Extruded synthetic wood composition and method for making same
Publication Number
Application Date
November 10, 1994
Publication Date
May 18, 1995
Laver Terry C
Strandex Corporation
Strandex Corporation
B29C 47/00
B27N 03/28
B29B 07/38
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