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Disclosed is a method for the simultaneous preparation of dicarboxylic acids and diamines from (a) polymers based on polyamides made by reacting dicarboxylic acids or derivatives thereof with diamines or (b) compounds containing essentially such polymers by decomposing these polymers into their constituent monomers by treating the polymers or compounds with a base and subsequently converting electrochemically the dicarboxylic-acid salts thus produced into the corresponding dicarboxylic acids and bases.

Production simultanee dacides dicarboxyliques et de diamines a partir de polyamides
Simultaneous production of dicarboxylic acids and diamines from polyamides
Publication Number
Application Date
June 9, 1993
Publication Date
December 23, 1993
Siegel Hardo
Voss Hartwig
Habermann Wolfgang
Huber Guenther
Heimann Frank
Mueller Wolfgang F
Seeliger Ursula
Basf Aktiengesellschaft
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C08G 69/48
C07C 211/09
C07C 209/62
C07C 51/06
C07C 51/02
C07C 27/00
B01D 61/44
C07C 55/02
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