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A method and system for dynamically generating object connections is provided. In a preferred embodiment, a connection can be generated between a source object and a sink object using a connection point object. A source object has connection point objects where each connection point object corresponds to a particular interface. A sink object implements one or more notification interfaces for connecting to a source object. A connection point object of a source object can connect to multiple notification interfaces, which belong to one or more sink objects. A connection point object keeps track of pointers to the notification interfaces to which it has been connected. In order to generate a connection, a sink object requests from a source object a connection point object corresponding to a particular interface. The source object determines whether it supports such a connection point object, and if so returns a pointer to the connection point interface of the determined connection point object. The sink object then requests to be connected to the connection point object using the returned connection point interface pointer and passes a reference to a notification interface of the sink object corresponding to the particular interface. The connection point object then stores the reference to the notification interface of the sink object, creating a connection between the sink object and the source object. At some later time, the source object can utilize the connection to notify the sink object through the connected notification interfaces.

Methode et systeme pour la creation dynamique de connexions
Method and system for dynamically generating object connections
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December 9, 1994
Zimmerman Christopher A
Stutz David S
Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft Corporation
G06F 09/46
G06F 09/44
G06F 09/40
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