Machine tox automatically positioning and aligning containers, such as plastic bottles, including a hopper (48) far receiving .randomly containers (4) to be sorted, having a bottom (12,29) with a peripheral edge portion at a distance from the side wall of trio hopper(48) to provide a space through which the containers can drop, by gravity towards a lower section, a rotatable disc (2) below said bottom and container holders associated to said disc for movement therewith and having recesses therein for receiving and holding containers in a lying portion. A container support shelf (28) with a discharge section extends below said container holders for supporting containers in said recesses during movement, The disc (2) has a plurality of aportures (3) or an annular space in a peripheral portion thereof and the container holders comprise several exchangeable hollow frame-shaped pieces (1) each having inner dimensions forming one of said recesses so that each recess contains meat of a container body therein and an inclined plane (11.20) directed towards a central part of said hopper is disposed between said hopper's bottom (12,29) and a charging opening (1a) of said pieces (1).

Machine pour positionner et aligner des contenants, par exemple des bouteilles en matiere plastique
Machine for automatically positioning and aligning containers, such as plastic bottles
Publication Number
Application Date
July 6, 1993
Publication Date
October 26, 2004
Sala Jaime Marti
Sala Jaime Marti
Sala Jaime Marti
B65G 47/14
B65B 43/42
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