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An energy supply system for supplying, in system interconnection, powerreceived at a power receiving equipment from a power plant and powergenerated by a fuel cell to a power consuming installation, and supplyingheat generated by the fuel cell to a heat consuming installation. This systemincludes an operation amount computing device for computing an amount ofoperation of the fuel cell to minimize an equation y=aXL+bXM+cXN, inresponse to an energy demand of the power consuming installation and heatconsuming installation. A control device controls the fuel cell to satisfy theamount of operation computed. The system supplies energy in optimalconditions with respect to the cost borne by an energy consumer,consumption of primary energy, and release of environmental pollutants.Energy is effectively used from the standpoint of the energy consumer and anational point of view.

Systeme dalimentation en energie electrique
Energy supply system
Publication Number
Application Date
April 1, 1993
Publication Date
June 4, 1996
Kawahara Hideaki
Ohnishi Hisao
Koga Masahiro
Nakashiba Akio
Ishimaru Kimio
Osaka Gas Company
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H01M 08/06
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