A printer has a shift register, an emission-timesetting section, a laser diode, and a drive section. The register supplies the emission-time setting sectionwith bits representing consecutive pixels including atleast one black pixel. The emission-time setting sec-tion determines the period of time during which thedrive section is to drive the laser diode, from thepixel patterns represented by the bits supplied fromthe register, and outputs an emission-time signal whichrepresents said period of time. In response to theemission-time signal, the drive section drives thelaser diode for the period of time, whereby a blackpixel of a desired size is formed on a printing medium.

Imprimante servant a limpression dimages formees de pixels bidimensionnels et methode dimpression
Printer for printing an image formed of 2-dimensionally arranged pixels, and method of printing the same
Publication Number
Application Date
August 29, 1991
Publication Date
November 12, 1996
Nannichi Toshihiko
Terasaki Masanori
Murano Katsumi
Aihara Masayoshi
Kinoshita Haruki
Nakamura Tetsuya
Fukuyama Hirotaka
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba
H04N 01/04
G06K 15/12
G06K 15/02
B41J 02/475
B41J 02/315
B41J 02/47
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