A multi-medium store-and-forward exchange apparatus isconnected to a plurality of line networks to convert a datareceived from a data originator terminal into another sort ofdata corresponding in attribute to another sort of line net-work and to transmit the converted data to a destinationterminal. When the destination terminal does not handle thedata to be transmitted from the data originator terminal, thestore-and-forward exchange apparatus converts the data intoanother sort of data which can be handled at the destinationterminal, and then transmits the converted data from itsnetwork controller in the apparatus. Further, an identifica-tion data of a terminal is registered to which a data arrivalis announced at the time of the data reception in the form ofa medium (voice, character or picture data) message previouslyprepared in the store-and-forward exchange apparatus. Identi-fication data are allocated to individual system users, eachuser determines a terminal to be used depending on the at-tribute of the data to be transmitted, and the data to betransmitted is transmitted to the terminal.

Appareil multimedia de transmission en differe et methode de commande de cet appareil
Multi-medium store-and-forward exchange apparatus and method of controlling the apparatus
Publication Number
Application Date
September 26, 1990
Publication Date
August 6, 1996
Watanabe Hiroyuki
Ohya Kouichi
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba
G06F 13/00
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