ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE An IC card reader/writer has frequency mode identifying means for determining whether or not an IC card loaded thereon has an identifiable frequency. When the frequency mode of the IC card is identifiable, clock frequency determining means reads frequency data representative of an operating clock frequency out of the IC card to determine an operating clock frequency particular to the card. Based on the determined operating clock frequency of the IC card, frequency setting means converts reference clock pulses being generated by reference clock generating means into clock pulses which match the clock frequency of the IC card, and feeds those clock pulses to the card. The reader/writer is capable of producing clock pulses the frequency of which is variable in matching relation to the frequency of operating clock pulses of an IC card.

Enregistreur-lecteur pour cartes a circuit integre et appareil de traitement de transactions a carte a circuit integre pouvant engendrer des impulsions dholorge de frequences diverses
Ic card reader/writer and ic card transactions processing apparatus capable of producing various frequency clock pulses
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June 22, 1989
Hirata Hiroharu
Takizawa Toshio
Oki Electric
G06K 19/07
G06F 01/04
G06K 07/00
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