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"STEAMING PROCESS, INVOLVING A PAIR OF HORIZONTAL WELLS, FOR USE IN HEAVY OIL RESERVOIR" ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A pair of horizontal parallel co-extensive wells, onespaced closely above the other, are completed so that they extendthrough a heavy oil reservoir in close proximity to its base. The upper well is referred to as the injector and the lower athe producer. Each well has a screened liner and an inner tubingstring extending the length of the well. Steam is circulatedseparately through each of the wells to heat by conduction thespan of formation extending between the wells and establish fluidcommunication between them. The circulation is conducted inthrough the tubing and out through the annulus at an elevatedpressure that is less than fracture pressure. The rate ofproduction of effluent from each well is controlled to maintainits temperature just below saturated steam temperature. Oncecommunication is established, steam circulation in the produceris discontinued and the well is produced through the tubing. Steam is then injected through both the annulus and tubing of theinjector. Condensate and oil are produced through the lowerwell. Steam-assisted gravity drainage is the mechanismthereafter used to heat the reservoir and produce the oil. Production rate is controlled to maintain the temperature andpressure of the produced fluid just below saturated steamconditions.

Procede dinjection de vapeur par deux puits horizontaux pour la recuperation assistee de petrole lourd
Steaming process, involving a pair of horizontal wells, for use in heavy oil reservoir
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June 28, 1989
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June 30, 1992
Cordell Gilbert M
Haston John A
Edmunds Neil Roger
Alberta Science And Research Authority
E21B 43/30
E21B 43/24
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