-33-ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE SYSTEM FOR ELECTRONICALLY DISPLAYING MULTIPLE IMAGES ON A CRT SCREEN SUCH THAT SOME IMAGES ARE MORE PROMINENT THAN OTHERS A system for electronically displaying multipleimages on a CRT screen such that some of the images are moreprominent than others comprises: a control memory forstoring control signals which partition the screen into anarray of blocks, define multiple prioritized viewports byindicating which blocks are included in each viewport, andcorrelate respective image pixels to each viewport; acircuit for determining, from the control signals, theidentity of the highest priority viewport to include aparticular block; a plurality of color map memories each ofwhich contains a plurality of color signals; a correlatorfor addressing a particular color map memory of saidplurality based on the identity of the highest priorityviewport; and a circuit for transferring respective colorsignals from the addressed color map memory to the screenbased on the image pixels in the block of the highestpriority viewport.

Dispositif daffichage sur un ecran cathodique dimmage multiples dont certaines sont plus grandes que les autres
System for electronically displaying multiple images on a crt screen such that some images are more prominent than others
Application Number
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November 2, 1984
Publication Date
March 8, 1988
Wickwire Ralph O
Shah Ashwin V
Bass Leland J
Burroughs Corporation
G09G 05/14
G09G 05/06
G09G 01/00
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