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ABSTRACT The present invention relates to composite materials, to methods of producing articles from such materials, and to articles produced from such materials. Powder-based binders (especially binders based on Port-land cement) are improved by adding powders which are one or more orders of size finer than the binder powder. This forms the basis for a homogeneous and dense particle packing with an extremely finely porous structure. Large amounts of surface active dispersing agents are added to secure a very homogeneous particle arrangement and high particle concentration. The binders so obtained show improved strength, density, durability, and offer improved fixation of reinforcing bodies than unmodified binders. Shaping of articles comprising such ginder matrices is possible by use of a low stress field and without exchange of material with the surroundings.

Materiau et procede pour la fabrication dobjets moules
Shaped article and composite material and method for producing same
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November 2, 1979
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July 23, 1985
Bache Hans H
Aktieselskabet Aalborg Portland Cement Fabrik
C04B 20/00
B28B 23/00
C04B 31/00
C04B 28/04
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