BUR 776 (23C) ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSUREThe sprayer comprises two main functioning units;namely, a flow control system incorporated in the chemicalconcentrate jar top closure and a spray nozzle integralwith the closure for dispensing dilute solutions of ferti-lizer, pesticides and the like as supplied by the flow con-trol system. The control system comprises an ejector fordrawing concentrate from the reservoir jar and a pair ofcoaxial, independently rotatable valve elements, one, act-ing with fixed structure, serving to turn the water supplyoff or direct the water into the chemical concentrate jaror through the unit to the spray nozzle, the other, operat-ing in conjunction with the first valve element, control-ling by means of flow resistance in a labyrinth, desirablyin conjunction with an orifice metering disc, proportionatefeed from the jar of chemical concentrate to the main waterstream. Proportionate feed may be accomplished withoutthe flow resistance control by appropriate dimensioningof the ejector. The ejector is itself novel in that itis made of plastic material by injection with a singlemold having a single core forming the entire length ofthe ejector passageway. The spray nozzle includes anadjustable, cam-controlled baffle for selectively achiev-ing a downwardly or upwardly directed spread spray pat-tern or a jet stream.

Atomiseur pour adaptation a lextremite dun tuyau souple
Hose-end sprayer
Application Number
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December 17, 1981
Publication Date
December 13, 1983
Beiswenger John L
Smiesko Frank A
Acme Burgess
B05B 07/24
B05B 07/12
B01F 05/04
A01C 23/04
B05B 01/26
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