ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSUREA ventilated interlocking floor tile is disclosed comprising a lowerlayer including a heavy, substantially solid edge region provided with a pluralityof interlocks for attachment with contiguous tiles and an upper layer securelyfastened to the lower layer to form an upper floor surface including a unidirectionalslip-resistant tread pattern. The solid edge region defines a cavity on the backsideof the tile and includes a plurality of ventilating grooves extending from thecavity to the outer edge of the tile to accommodate the flow of air to and fromthe cavity. The upper layer is secured to the lower layer such that the upperlayer overlies the interlocks of two predetermined sides of the solid edge regionof the lower layer whereby the exposed interlocks of the remaining sides of theedge region of the lower layer may only interlock with the covered interlocksof a contiguous tile thereby maintaining uniformity in the pattern defined by theunidirectional tread pattern of the upper layers throughout the floor surfacecovering constructed by the floor tiles.

Tapis-decrottoir en caoutchouc a elements emboitables
Interlocking rubber mat
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March 18, 1981
Publication Date
May 31, 1983
Collette Roderick E
Pawling Rubber Corporation
E04F 15/02
B32B 03/16
A47G 27/02
E04F 15/10
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