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ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE An inflatable and deflatable balloon catheter isdisclosed. The inflatable chamber of the catheter is supportedabout an elongated support member of small diameter. One endof the support member is rotatable relative to the chamberwherein the chamber is adapted to being compactly twisted aboutthe support member upon swiveling or rotation of the supportmember. The compactly twisted chamber has a small diameterwhereby insertion of the catheter through a small incision andguiding thereof in a small body canal or passage is facilita-ted. A smooth-walled sheath of low friction material is dis-closed for enclosing the twisted chamber to facilitate atrau-matic entry of the catheter into the incision or body openingand for facilitating insertion and movement of the catheter. The support member is preferably made of a material which maybe formed during use into a desired axial configuration bybending. Balloon catheters according to the present inventionare advantageously used for intra-aortic balloon pumping.

Catheter a ballonnet avec support rotatif
Balloon catheter with rotatable support
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April 11, 1979
Publication Date
October 5, 1982
Wolvek Sidney
Hanson Bruce L
A61M 25/00
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