ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSUREDisclosed is an apparatus for and a method of propagating bubble domainsalong fixed guidance channel forming stripe domains by capturing them in move-able stripe domains and then moving the capturing moveable stripe domains.The memory plane comprises a non-magnetic Gadolinium Gallium Garnet (GGG)layer which is a supporting substrate upon which are successively formed bythe liquid phase epitaxy (LPE) method: a first stripe domain layer, a firstnon-magnetic spacer layer; a second stripe domain layer; and a third non-magnetic spacer layer upon which is formed the necessary propagation circuitry.The method of propagating the bubble domains involves forming fixed guidancechannel forming stripe domains in the first stripe domain layer, orientingmoveable stripe domains in the second stripe domain layer in a directionorthogonal to the direction of the fixed guidance channels, establishingbubble domains at selected ones of each fixed guidance channel, moveablestripe domain intersection and finally oscillating the moveable stripe domainsin a direction parallel to the fixed guidance channels by a time-varying,i.e., temporally changing, localized bias field gradient. A moveable stripedomain in a first position under a bias field gradient producing stripline captures a bubble domain, slowly moves the bubble domain a predeterminedpropagation direction under the strip line and along its associated fixedguidance channel into a second position under the strip line and then sub-sequently quickly moves back to its first position under the strip lineallowing the bubble domain to escape therefrom leaving the propagated, escapedbubble domain in the second position under the strip line to be captured by anext adjacent downstream moveable stripe domain. Successive capture, propa-gate, escape operations propagate all the bubble domains along each capturingmoveable stripe domain, in parallel, in the downstream propagation directionthrough the memory plane. -1-

Dispositif et methode de deplacement de bulles magnetiques utilisant des domaines lineiformes oscillants
Bubble domain propagation using oscillating stripe domains
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May 9, 1978
Publication Date
January 19, 1982
Lund Roger E
Hanson Marlin M
Lins Stanley J
Sperry Rand Corporation
G11C 19/08
G11C 11/14
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