FLAME RETARDANT FLEXIBLE URETHANE ABSTRACTThe discoloration occurring during commercialproduction of large buns or slabs of low density, flexibleand semiflexible polyetherurethane foams containing chlorine-containing polymers such as polyvinyl chloride, zinc oxideand antimony oxide, in which optionally part of thechlorine-containing polymer can be replaced with a chlo-rinated paraffin provided a proportionate reduction is madein the amount of the zinc oxide employed, is reduced orprevented by using a small amount of a zinc salt selectedfrom the group consisting ofandImagethe Rs being the Image same or different, where R is -R', -OR', -halogen, -hydrogen, or a -nitro group, R' being a Cl to C10 alkyl, cycloalkyl, aralkyl, alkaryl or aryl group,preferably said zinc salt has the formula: Image.

Mousse durethanne souples ignifuges
Flame retardant flexible urethane foams
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September 4, 1979
Cobbledick David S
General Tire And Rubber Company
C08G 18/14
C08J 09/00
C08G 18/62
C08G 18/48
C08K 05/47
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