A method and apparatus (10) for dispensing precise quantities of liquid reagent (14) is disclosed including a positive displacement syringe pump (22) in series with a dispenser (12), such as an aerosol dispenser (12a) or solenoid valve dispenser (12b). The pump (22) is controlled by a stepper motor (26) or the like to provide an incremental quantity or continuous flow of reagent (14) to the dispenser (12). The pump (22) and dispenser (12) are operated in cooperation with one another such that the quantity and/or flow rate of liquid reagent (14) dispensed by the dispenser (12) can be precisely metered substantially independently of the particular operating parameters of the dispenser (12) to attain a desired flow rate, droplet size or mist quality, droplet frequency and/or droplet velocity.

Dispensing apparatus having improved dynamic range
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July 25, 1997
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October 13, 1999
T C Tisone
zhao xin
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