A live video insertion system in which one or more event cameras include sensors for sensing camera zoom, focus, pan, and tilt. Sensor data from each camera is provided to a live video insertion system to give a coarse indication of where an insertion should occur in video scenes. The sensor and tally data essentially replaces the search mode of conventional pattern recognition live video insertion systems. An accurate final determination of an insertion location is determined by using feature and/or texture analysis in the actual video image. This analysis compares the position of the features or texture within the video frame to their corresponding location in a common reference image or previous image of the insertion location and surroundings.

Image insertion in video streams using combination of physical sensors and pattern recognition
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
November 25, 1997
Publication Date
December 15, 1999
Skip Kennedy
Tan Yi
Roy J Rosser
yu mang
Princeton Video Image
H04N 09/74