The system provides direct inter-node communication capability. The individual nodes are pre-programmed to recognize external environmental conditions and to logically act on the basis of recognized condition parameters, and to communicate with other nodes. Each node comprises an TC having three independent processors which share a common memory and control circuitry but have separate sets of registers. A first processor provides media access control and communication between the nodes and includes transceiver elements for receiving and transmitting information. A second processor runs code written for the particular use, as well as the overall operating system, which is provided with direct linkage to i/o means for initial processing based on environmental conditions. The third processor links the applications processor with the communication processor, and handles network variable processing, addressing, etc. The nodes provide an independently operable overall network.

Electronic control system/network
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
November 6, 1995
Publication Date
May 19, 1999
Bruce Jagid
Kenneth Ehrman
N Bert Loosmore
sun jingguo
I D System
G08B 13/14