A waste material in a first gasification furnace is thermally decomposed through dry distillation, producing a combustible gas, which is introduced into and combusted in a first combustion furnace, and the produced heat of combustion is imparted to a heat source of a boiler. The opening of a valve connected to the first gasification furnace is controlled to supply oxygen required to thermally decompose the waste material in order to keep the combustion temperature of the combustible gas in the first combustion furnace at a substantially constant combustion temperature upon the dry distillation in the first gasification furnace. When the opening of the valve increases and becomes greater than a predetermined opening at an ending stage of the dry distillation in the first gasification furnace, the second gasification furnace and combustion furnace is opened, whose working condition is as the same as the first.

Method of incinerating waste material by way of dry distillation and gasification
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September 22, 1995
Publication Date
May 29, 1996
Masamoto Kaneko
Kinsei Sangyo
F23G 05/027
C10B 53/00