This invention relates to a coal powder flame stabilizing method and burner by means of the wall-attached efflux. it utilizes the wall-attachment effect of turbulent efflux and aerodynamics method to divide a bind of efflux which has the normal concn. of coal powder and higher flow speed into two parts whereof one side has higher concn. of coal powder while the other has lower one to reach the object of stabilizing combustion and reducing pollution. The structure of the burner is simple. It has the function of self-blowing dust. Its efflux can be adjusted and controlled to suit many kinds of fuels (including bituminous coal, lean coal and portion of anthracite and water coal pulp). This method and burner can be used as burning device for ignition, low loading combustion aid and continuous operation and used for precombustion chamber, kiln furnace, power and industrial boilers.

Coal powder flame stabilizing method and burner by use of wall-attached efflur
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April 24, 1988
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December 20, 1989
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Sun Wenchao
Li Songsheng
Harbin Boiler Factory
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