The invention mainly relates to a control system for a mechanically-controlled shadow puppet show device and belongs to the technical field of amusement machines. The control system mainly comprises a Bluetooth controller, an electronic controller, feedback circuits and a control terminal, wherein the Bluetooth controller is connected with the electronic controller and the control terminal; the electronic controller is connected with a direct current motor set and a steering engine set; the direct current motor set is connected with a base moving device; and the steering engine set is connected with a mechanical arm; and one feedback circuit is arranged in each steering engine and is connected with the electronic controller. According to the control system disclosed by the invention, due to the adoption of the Bluetooth controller, the wireless remote control can be realized; the convenience for control and easiness for popularization are realized; the limitation that a traditional shadow puppet technology is only expressed by shadow puppet artists is broken through; and modern science and technology is perfectly combined with traditional culture and entertainment projects, and thus the control system is suitable for popularization and application.

Control system for mechanically-controlled shadow puppet show device
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November 9, 2012
Publication Date
March 13, 2013
Huang Jidong
Jiao Zhiying
Zeng Zecui
Wu Bo
Fang Xiang
Yang Xiaohui
song tiejun zhou nan
Shenyang University of Technology