The invention relates to the technical field of steel metallurgy, and particularly relates to a method for preparing a steel ladle or a tundish covering agent by using boron slurry. The method comprises the steps of: dehydrating and drying the boron slurry in a gas furnace; converting Fe2O3 in the boron slurry into magnetic Fe3O4; reducing MnO into Mn; removing the Mn through magnetic separation; and adding a pre-melted mixture of CaO and Al2O3 so as to obtain a molten steel covering agent serving as a steel ladle or a tundish, or adding a small number of carbon materials for controlling the melting speed and the melting performance so as to obtain the covering agent. According to the method, waste boron slurry resources can be reused; the method has the advantages of being simple in preparation process, low in machining cost, eliminating harm of the boron slurry and reducing discharging of metallurgical waste; furthermore, the covering agent prepared by the method has high surface activity, good impurity absorption performance, good expandability and good effects of preventing molten steel from sucking air and being oxidized and preserving heat, has remarkable economic and social benefits and is deserved to popularization.

Method for preparing steel ladle or tundish covering agent by using boron slurry
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May 18, 2012
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September 5, 2012
Zhao Zhao
Zhao Jiaai
Cao Lei
Yang Lili
Zhao Yutao
Li Guirong
Wang Hongming
lou gaochao
Jiangsu University