The invention belongs to the technical field of steel metallurgy continuous casting tundish technique, in particular to a beam blank continuous casting machine tundish working lining, a construction tire film of the working lining and a preparation method of the working lining. The working lining, the construction tire film and the preparation method are characterized in that a working lining in an impact area is forming by carbonic fireproofing tiles (2), a layer of painting materials (3) are painted on the outer surfaces of the carbonic fireproofing tiles (2), corners (5) of the working lining in the impact area are all arc corners, wall wrapping working linings (8) and bottom wrapping working linings (10) except for a tundish impact area all adopt dry-type materials. Therefore, service life of the working lining of the tundish impact area and working linings at other portions are synchronous, monopack continuous casting time achieves more than 36 hours which shortens 12 hours than the time at the same condition, and continuous casting tundish material cost reduces more than 30% than the cost at the same condition.

Beam blank continuous casting machine tundish working lining, construction tire film of working lining and preparation method of working lining
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May 10, 2012
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October 3, 2012
Zhang Jijun
Wu Guangjun
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