The invention discloses a heat flow simulation test device of crystallizer meniscus horizontal heat transfer, which comprises a billet casing, a crystallizer, a computer, a base, two temperature collectors and two temperature control modules, wherein the crystallizer is fixed on the base, the billet casing is fixed above the crystallizer, a casting powder sample is fixed between the crystallizer and the billet casing, and a camera is arranged on one side of the casting powder sample. Induction heating devices are arranged on two sides of the billet casing and connected with the first temperature control module. A thermocouple is respectively inserted into the billet casing and the crystallizer, the second temperature control module is respectively connected with the thermocouple in the billet casing and the first temperature collector, and the thermocouple in the crystallizer is connected with the computer through the second temperature collector. A water inlet pipe and a water outlet pipe are arranged on the base. The heat flow simulation test device solves problems that heat flow among liquid steel, casting powder and the crystallizer in the existing steel metallurgy continuous casting process cannot be monitored and thermodynamic change of casting powder in the heat transfer process cannot be observed in situ.

Heat flow simulation test device of crystallizer meniscus horizontal heat transfer
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April 26, 2012
Publication Date
September 12, 2012
Huang Daoyuan
Ma Fanjun
Wang Wanlin
ma qiang
Central South University