The invention provides a method for assembling a modelling assembly with a decorative layer on the surface. The method comprises the following steps of: preparing tools and materials for manufacturing; and assembling an assembly, comprising the steps of imbedding decorative sheets into the surface of a modelling body, separating a modelling mould from the modelling assembly, and adding auxiliary modelling accessories in parts where the structure and appearance of the modelling assembly need to be compensated and improved. The method provided by the invention has the beneficial effects that surface decorative sheets of the modelling body are combined with the traditional sand sculpture, snow sculpture and mud sculpture, so that artistic effects of the traditional sand sculpture, snow sculpture and mud sculpture made of coarser modelling materials and having single colour can take on an altogether new aspect, thus coarse effect is converted into delicate effect; the method provided by the invention is simple to operate and easy to popularize and can be applied to children art handmade education teaching activities with lots of fun, teaching quality is improved, and the method can be implement as a daily entertainment activity; meanwhile, the method can be a novel tourist recreation project with wide market, and new colour is provided for culture and entertainment life of people.

Method for assembling modelling assembly with decorative layer on surface
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April 9, 2012
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August 1, 2012
Dong Qiguang
Dong Jian
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Dong Jian