The invention discloses a fluid bed electrode direct carbon fuel cell device, which belongs to the technical field of clean energy. The device comprises a fluid bed, two or more tubular single cells, collector plates, a composite carbon fuel, a gas circulating device, a screw feeder and a fuel tank. In the device, a conductor catalyst is added into a solid carbon fuel on the basis of a solid oxide direct carbon fuel cell to expand a direct electrochemical reaction interface of carbon from a two dimension to a three dimension and promote the gasification reaction of the carbon, thereby improving the performance of the cell; the collector plates are distributed on the wall surface of a reactor, so current is convenient to collect; and simultaneously, a fluid bed reactor forms a fluid bed electrode to further enhance heat transfer and mass transfer in the electrode, so not only problems about feeding are solved, but also the performance of the solid oxide direct carbon fuel cell is further improved.

Fluid bed electrode direct carbon fuel cell device
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August 1, 2011
Publication Date
January 18, 2012
Wang Hongjian
Cai Ningsheng
Shi Yixiang
shi shuangyuan
Tsinghua University