The invention relates to the technical field of solar thermal generating systems and discloses a solar thermal generating system based on a boundary layer turbine as well as provides a practical application of the boundary level turbine. The system can use Rankine cycle and organic Rankine cycle to generate electricity respectively based on the boundary layer turbine, thus solving the problems that the power plant of the solar thermal generating system is difficult to miniaturize, higher in intake condition and poorer in economical efficiency, thus greatly reducing the technical requirements of a solar concentrator for thermal generation, meeting generating demands of various working media such as low temperature steams, wet steams, organic working media and the like and improving the efficiency of the solar thermal generation at low temperature. The system is low in complexity, simple in manufacturing, compact in structure, simple and convenient to operate, and suitable for off-grid type distributed energy supply.

Solar thermal generating system based on boundary layer turbine
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May 27, 2011
Publication Date
September 21, 2011
Zhou Yingya
Li Wenying
Cai Ningsheng
Shi Yixiang
zhang wenbao
Tsinghua University