The invention relates to an experimental method for detecting the hot-charging brittleness of steel, and belongs to the technical field of technological property detection of steel in iron and steel metallurgy. The experimental method comprises the following steps: (1) cutting a casting blank or rolled metal of the steel grade to be detected into a sample; (2) vacuumizing an operating room and introducing argon for protection before experiment so as to prevent oxidation of the sample; (3) carrying out a stretching experiment in a thermal simulation testing machine, wherein, the austenitizing temperature, warming and cooling speed and stretching temperature parameters in the experiment change along with different components in the steel grade to be detected; and (4) after the sample is fractured, measuring the area of a fracture position so as to calculate the shrinkage rate of the fracture surface, and taking the shrinkage rate as a high-temperature plasticity index to determine whether the detected steel has the hot-charging brittleness. The experimental method has the beneficial effects of simplicity and convenience in operation, short time and low requirements on vacuum degree; and by utilizing the method, the hot-charging brittleness of the material can be reflected without exaggeration, whether the steel has the hot-charging brittleness can be accurately determined, and the hot-charging brittleness temperature range of the steel can be determined.

Experimental method for detecting hot-charging brittleness of steel
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December 22, 2010
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July 13, 2011
Song Haiwu
Qi Zhangfa
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