The invention discloses a process for producing a lamination mould of a laminated filter by an electrocasting method. The method consists of the following steps of: (1) preparing a lamination master mould, namely manufacturing the lamination master mould from organic glass; (2) electrocasting the lamination master mould, namely placing the lamination master mould serving as a cathode and an electrocasting metal material platinum and nickel-cobalt alloy serving as an anode into nickel sulfate solution in an electrolytic tank together, and after the thickness of the electrocasting layer is 5mm, powering off and taking out the lamination master mould with an electrocasting layer from the solution; (3) demoulding, namely heating the lamination master mould with the electrocasting layer to melt the organic glass and allow the organic glass to flow out of a mould cavity, and washing the residual organic glass in the mould cavity with a chloroform solution; and (4) typing and assembling, namely dividing a lamination master mould shell with the electrocasting layer into two half shells along the central line of the thickness of the mould shell, polishing along parting faces and cavity of the mould shell by a laser polishing process, and assembling the half shells on a mould frame. The lamination mould manufactured by the process has high manufacturing precision and long service life. The lamination manufactured by the lamination mould has clear passageways, and good hydraulic performance and filtering effect when used.

Process for producing lamination mould of laminated filter by electrocasting method
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November 8, 2010
Publication Date
February 16, 2011
Li Gang
Yang Jing
Zhang Jianghui
Lei Jianhua
Cui Chunliang
bai zhibin
Xinjiang Institute of Water Resources and Hydraulic Power