The invention discloses an access system and a method for transmitting an Ethernet signal and a mobile communication signal. The access system comprises a near-end host unit and a plurality of far-end user units, wherein the near-end host unit can finish combining the Ethernet signal with the mobile communication signal (such as one or two of GSM, CDMA, TDSCDMA, WCDMA and the like); the near-end host unit and the far-end user units are connected by four pairs of twisted pairs, such as cat5 cables and 5e cables; the combined Ethernet signal and mobile communication signal are sent to a user terminal to provide a broadband access service and a wireless access service for users. The invention can furthest utilize customer premise network (CPN) resource, does not re-lay the cat5 cables and has small investment; the invention can quickly run the service by adding a host unit near ONU equipment and the user terminal is changed; meanwhile, no electricity is required to get from a user home, the terminal can be flexibly arranged without being limited by electricity obtaining position.

Access system and method for transmitting Ethernet signal and mobile communication signal
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September 23, 2010
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December 29, 2010
Meng Xiangzhi
Zhou Zuwang
Wu Zigang
Li Hanbing
Zhang Jincai
ni jun wu jiping
Wuhan Hongxin Telecommunication Technologies