The invention relates to the technical field of game equipment and in particular provides a network dance system capable of interacting in a body sensing mode. The system comprises an action information acquisition terminal and an information data end, wherein the action information acquisition terminal comprises an action information acquisition module, an action information processing module and an action information transceiving module; and the information data end comprises an information processing module, an information storage module and a display module. The information data end receives limb action information sent by the action information acquisition terminal, and compares the limb action information with man-machine interactive data to form man-machine interactive information. Therefore, more input signal combinations can be captured in dance games, and a player can obtain richer game experience, so that more ideal interactive effect is achieved, the game interest and joy of the player are greatly improved and better body-building effect can be achieved.

Network dance system capable of interacting in body sensing mode
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August 19, 2010
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December 8, 2010
Wu Guanting
zhao chengwei
Beijing Qidong Zaixian Culture and Entertainment