The invention belongs to the technical field of high manganese steel smelting process in iron and steel metallurgy, in particular relates to a novel process for producing a super high manganese steel casting. The novel process comprises an electric arc furnace smelting process, a steel casting process and a heat treatment process. An oxidation method used in the smelting process comprises the following steps of: blowing oxygen to support smelting when 18 to 22% of waste steel in a furnace is melted, slagging twice, adding chromium (Cr) iron and manganese (Mn) iron, tapping after all components meet the standards, modifying molten steel and finally performing argon purification. In the steel casting process, a casting head is arranged at the thickest position of the steel casting and designed into a side casting head, preferably a heating and heat-insulating casting head, the temperature of a casting box is under control so that the temperature of the casting is below 300 DEG C, and the casting is cooled with natural air during sand removal to prevent the cracking of the casting. The heat treatment process comprises the following steps of: performing water toughening treatment and tempering at 250 DEG C instantly after quenching. By the adoption of the novel process disclosed by the invention, the quality and mechanical properties of the casting are greatly improved, the casting can be prevented from being broken in use, and the wear resistance of the casting is increased. Besides, the novel process makes full use of resource materials and increases the economic benefit.

Novel process for producing super high manganese steel casting
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April 28, 2010
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November 2, 2011
Han Jianguo
kong jinman
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