The invention discloses a preparation method of expandable graphite with a low starting expansion temperature. The method comprises the following steps: soaking natural crystalline flake graphite with nitric acid; adding a stabilizer and then fully stirring; and adding an organic mixed solution with a low boiling point for reaction; and washing and drying so as to prepare the expandable graphite which has an expansion volume of 200-253 ml/g, a starting expansion temperature of 75+/-5 DEG C and a pH value of 6-7. The expandable graphite prepared by the method has the advantages of clean surface, no acidic and basic substances, good flowability and no moisture absorption, is stable to air, can be used as a flame retardant material for plastics, rubbers and the like, and also can be widely used in the fields of steel, metallurgy, chemical industry, mechanical manufacture, national defense and military and the like.

Preparation method of expandable graphite with low starting expansion temperature
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January 14, 2010
Publication Date
July 20, 2011
Liu Huimin
Song Kemin
Wang Ling
Agricultural University of Hebei