Distributed asset management may be achieved as described herein by representing within a computer database system a collection of distributed assets, and logging within the computer database system time-series data sent from different ones of the distributed assets. Input from authorized users is accepted and stored in the form of tags, each tag being associated with an asset or group of assets. Access is provided to the time-series data or data derived therefrom, and to the tags, by the authorized users. By providing tagging capabilities, diverse requirements of different audiences are supported, and a system can be created wherein the different needs and interests of the audiences are satisfied in such a way as to produce a multiplying beneficial effect. At the same time, complexities are minimized that would otherwise be introduced in order support different taxonomies within a changing heterogeneous environment. Tagging may include such examples as tagging of assets, of time-series data generated by assets, and of pre-defined envelopes of time-series data.

Systems and methods for distributed asset management having tagging capabilities
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July 2, 2009
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September 7, 2011
Fox Robert G
Baumann Clifford N
Francis Brett M
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