The invention discloses a preparation method of a protein molecule engram film, comprising the following steps: 1. pretreatment of carrier sheet glass used for preparing a protein molecule engram film: putting a cover glass into a beaker, adding cleaning agent and deionized water, and processing by ultrasound; 2. preparation of the solution of template protein, functional monomer and crosslinking monomer: preparing template protein solution by phosphate buffer, adding water-solubility functional monomer, crosslinking monomer and initiator, and evenly mixing; 3. carrying out polymerization between sheet glasses to form a polymer film; 4. elution of template protein molecule: putting the molecule engram film into a beaker, adsorbing eluent in the beaker, removing the template protein molecule, and obtaining an engram hole matched with the template protein molecule. In the engram process of the invention, protein has small possibility of denaturation, and polymerization condition is simple and moderate. The prepared molecule engram film can be developed into a developing chip capable of detecting protein.

Preparation method of protein molecule engram film
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December 29, 2009
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July 14, 2010
Xie Weihong
Wang Hui
Li Yongjin
Fang Guijie
Ding Anzi
Wang Minfeng
Hubei University of Technology
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