The invention relates to a disinfectant compound with synergy function. The compound contains more than two active ingredients and acceptable agricultural inert ingredient, wherein component A is cyproconazole and component B is one of methoxyl acrylic ester disinfectant compound containing kresoxim-methyl, azoxystrobin, trifloxystrobin, SYP-1620, metominostrobin, fenazaquin, pyraclostrobin, kresoxim-methyl, etc. The disinfectant compound can be widely applied to protecting meals, vegetables, fruits, cash crops, etc. The compound is different from other agricultural disinfectant agent, promoting the preventing effect, slowing down the generation of resistance, widening the preventing range, promoting the safety, curing, preventing and increasing production of crops.

Disinfectant compound containing cyproconazole
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November 3, 2009
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April 28, 2010
Liang Daozheng
Zhang Chenglai
Jiang Qiyin
Zhou Chaoai
Xie Yong
Chengdu Huangpai Crop Science
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