The invention discloses a high-efficiency organic granulated fertilizer and a preparation method thereof. The fertilizer comprises the following raw materials in percentage by weight: 10-78% of molasses fermentation liquid, 10-40% of fulvic acid and 10-70% of substrate, wherein the sum of the percentage of the raw materials is 100%. The preparation method of the fertilizer of the invention comprises the following steps of: laying the substrate in a spray granulation fluidized bed (1), and spraying the substrate with the atomized molasses fermentation liquid; discharging granules with the granularity of 2-4mm; recovering the fluidized and atomized fine powder by using a cyclone separator to be used as a new substrate; continuously spraying the granules with the atomized fulvic acid in a rotary granulator (7); and cooling finished products, and then packing the finished products. The fertilizer of the invention has high content of organic nutrients, and the absorption ratio and the utilization ratio reach more than 90%; the fertilizer is suitable for various kinds of soils and can obviously increase the yield and improve the quality of various kinds of plants, wherein the yield of grain crops can be increased by more than 15%, the yield of cash crops can be increased by more than 20%, and the yield of vegetables can be increased by more than 20%; and the fertilizer is a preferred product for producing organic green foods.

High-efficiency organic granulated fertilizer and preparation method thereof
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December 4, 2009
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June 9, 2010
Zhou Tiejun
Liang Jun
Li Tailian
Li Zhengjian
Shaanxi Huaxia Agricultural Technology Development
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