The invention relates to a boron fertilizer effervescence granule and method of producing the same, pertaining to a novel boron fertilizer. The boron fertilizer effervescence granule includes one or more boron fertilizer and one or more compounds contacted with water to generate gas, wherein, the weight part scope of the boron fertilizer is from 61 to 95. The preferred scheme of the invention is that the boron fertilizer includes one of boric acid, boron oxide, ammonium pentaborate, sodium tetraborate, calcium metaborate, sodium metaborate, tetrahydate octa sodium borate, magnesium diboride, sodium perborate, zinc borate, manganese borate, sodium perborate, potassium metaborate, boron magnesium fertilizer, boron and magnesium phosphate, and boron mud, or a mixture of two or more of the above. The preparation method of the invention includes: weighing the formulation material, mixing, grinding, granulating, and drying to obtain. The inventive boron fertilizer effervescence granule has a fast disintegrating velocity in the water; completely dissolving(dispersing); non-clogging of nozzle and drip irrigation pipeline; no need of heating when in use; no absorption of moisture; low packaging, storage and transportation, measurement and use cost; wide application in food crops, cash crops, horticulture, lawns and urban greening; and very broad market prospect.

Boron fertilizer effervescence granule and method of producing the same
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April 29, 2009
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October 7, 2009
Zhang Rongsheng
Shenzhen Longtai Bio Technology
C05G 03/00