The invention belongs to a new boric fertilizer, referring to a boric fertilizer water dispersing granule and preparing method thereof. The invention comprises one or more than one boric fertilizers and at least one surfactant; the materials are processed as the regular or irregular granules water dispersing granule; the weight part of the boric fertilizer is 5-95 parts; the rest is the assistant. The preferable solution of the invention is following: the boric fertilizer comprises one of the boric acid, boron oxide, boric acid ammonium, sodium tetraborate, calcium borate side, partial sodium borate, sodium borate tetrahydrate, magnesium diboride, sodium perborate, zinc borate, boric acid manganese, high-sodium borate, partial acid potassium, boron and magnesium fertilizer, boron and magnesium phosphate and boron mud or the mixture of the two or more than two of the above. The preparing method of the invention is scaling the prescription, mixing, crushing, and granule and drying to obtain the product. The boric fertilizer water dispersing granule of the invention has a fast disintegration, dissolving (dispersing) completely, not plugging the nozzle and the dropping pipe lines, no heating while using, easy to absorb moisture, packaging, storage and transportation, measurement, the use of low cost, widely used in food crops, cash crops, horticulture, lawns and urban greening; the market prospect is very broad.

Boric fertilizer water dispersing granule and preparing method thereof
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April 17, 2009
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September 16, 2009
Zhang Rongsheng
Shenzhen Longtai Bio Technology
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