The invention provides a real-time context perceiving and classification marking method of internet business flow, comprising the following steps: analyzing IP data packet received from a business resource terminal; perceiving business types thereof; dynamically perceiving importance of the each IP data packet in business stream for real-time multimedia stream; if the real-time multimedia stream is coded by the means of classification, not only perceiving importance level of the stream layer at which the IP packet is positioned, but also perceiving importance level of the IP packet in the stream layer; and according to an analyzing result and a preset IP packet marking strategy, previously marking correlative mark field of the IP packet. The method can be taken as foundation of marking algorithm for a traditional internet router or an autonomy network inlet edge router based on diffserv, to divide the IP packet with different importance into different QoS levels, minimize lose of high priority IP packet when the network blocks, heighten probability for successfully transmitting the IP packet for bearing important information, and provide effective QoS guarantee for a user.

Real-time context perceiving and classification marking method of internet business flow
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July 17, 2009
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December 23, 2009
Wang Ruisi
Que Xirong
Gong Xiangyang
Wang Wendong
Xia Xianfu
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
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